Hospitality Facility Assessment

EMG's Hospitality Facility Assessment team provides reliable, comprehensive information and consulting for hotels, convention centers and other hospitality facilities.

Our extensive experience in the hospitality industry gives us a thorough understanding of market trends and has enabled us to develop customized environmental and facility assessment methodologies for the industry. We have assessed properties of many different ages, sizes, and conditions. Whether the project requires debt and equity capital restructuring, or is a new acquisition, EMG can provide clients vital information to minimize expenses and maximize profits

We have provided high-value building and property expertise to 15 of the 25 top hoteliers in the industry. Our projects have included:

  • Identification of potential environmental hazards (possible PCB-containing equipment, hazardous material/petroleum product use and disposal practices, lead paint, lead in water, asbestos, and radon) for hotel chain.
  • Estimates of damage from “maximum credible” earthquake activity.
  • Phase I environmental assessment of 12-acre multi-use hotel, residential, and office complex.
  • Thorough evaluation of all structural, environmental, mechanical, and geological features
  • Capital reserve studies and analysis of immediate repair needs and short-term costs.

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